Event Engine Tutorial Available

Written by Alexander Miertsch (@codeliner) - CEO prooph software GmbH - prooph core team - 2019-04-05

Three weeks ago we've released the first dev version of Event Engine, which supersedes Event Machine. Now we reached another important milestone towards a stable release. Make sure to check out the brand new Event Engine tutorial: https://event-engine.io/tutorial/ along with a new skeleton application.

Repo Split

A prerequisite for the new skeleton was the repo split announced in the release notes of v0.1. All packages are listed on GitHub and Packagist.

Rewritten Tutorial

The Event Engine tutorial is a rewrite of the previous Event Machine tutorial. The story is the same but it differs in many details like a changed skeleton structure and the usage of the new MultiModelStore feature, which replaces aggregate projections in the default skeleton set up. That said, even if you did the Event Machine tutorial before and think you know the basics, I highly recommend to do the new Event Engine tutorial again to quickly learn more about new features and structural changes.

API Docs

At the time of writing, many API docs are still outdated. You'll find a warning at the top of each page that still needs to be migrated.

Immutable Objects

We've added new documentation about how to quickly generate immutable objects using PHPStorm templates and the event-engine/php-data package. Learn more

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