When initializing Event Engine - EventEngine::initialize() or EventEngine::fromCachedConfig() - you have to pass a couple of mandatory and optional dependencies. This page serves as an overview and provides links to the docs of each dependency.


Mandatory Dependency

An EventEngine\Schema\Schema is either required in the Event Engine constructor or as the first argument of EventEngine::fromCachedConfig(). The latter method is used when initializing Event Engine from a cached config. Production Optimization contains further information.

@TODO Link to schema docs

event-engine/php-json-schema (@TODO add link) provides a JSON Schema implementation of EventEngine\Schema\Schema.

A Schema implementation is the only dependency required in the constructor. Event Engine needs it to validate message schema defined in the description phase. All other dependencies are first required when initializing Event Engine. EventEngine::fromCachedConfig() skips description phase and initialize phase, therefor it requires all dependencies along with the cached config.


Mandatory Dependency

A Flavour is the gateway between Event Engine and your code. Three different Flavours are available and you can implement your own EventEngine\Runtime\Flavour if needed. Learn more about Flavours (@TODO add link).

Event Store

Mandatory Dependency

Event Engine inspects the event store dependency. If you provide a plain EventEngine\EventStore\EventStore, the MultiModeStore mode gets disabled. If you pass a EventEngine\Persistence\MultiModelStore instead, Event Engine makes use of it automatically.

You can pass a MultiModelStore as EventStore because the MultiModelStore is a composition of the event store and document store.


Mandatory Dependency

To be able to provide rich logging capabilities, Event Engine requires a EventEngine\Logger\LogEngine. The LogEngine is responsible for translating high level logging information into the format required by the low level logger. A PSR-3 compatible low level logger is included in the logging package (@TODO add link).

PSR-11 Container

Mandatory Dependency

Whenever a component in the stack requires further dependencies you can configure a service id in the appropriate Description and Event Engine will use that service id to pull the component from the PSR-11 container when needed. Typical components that have dependencies are: Resolvers, ContextProviders and Projectors.

A specific container implementation is not required! Anyway, Event Engine wants to keep things simple and straightforward. Therefor, it provides a lightweight container implementation called Discolight. Make sure to try it out. Maybe it's an eye opener ;).

Document Store

Optional Dependency

The EventEngine\DocumentStore\DocumentStore is only required if you a) do not use a MultiModelStore and b) use the built-in aggregate projector instead.

Learn more about the Document Store and the Aggregate Projector.

Event Queue

Optional Dependency

Newly recorded events are dispatched automatically by Event Engine within the same PHP process. If you wish to publish them on a message queue instead, provide an implementation of EventEngine\Messaging\MessageProducer and Event Engine will forward all recorded events to it.

Details about event publishing can be found here (@TODO add link).

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