Event Engine

The world's only CQRS / ES framework that lets you pick your Flavour

                $ composer create-project event-engine/php-engine-skeleton event-engine

Event Engine is a CQRS / EventSourcing framework for PHP to help you rapidly develop event sourced applications, while providing a path to refactor towards a richer domain model as needed. Customize Event Engine with Flavours. Choose between different programming styles.

Choose Your Flavour

rapid development, maximized developer happiness

stateless and pure, with a funcional core

event sourced objects without dependencies

create your very own Flavour

CQRS By Design

Built-in PSR-7 Messagebox with JSON Schema and Event Engine Cockpit support. Focus on the domain model. Let Event Engine handle the rest.

Event Sourcing Engine

Straightforward Event Sourcing without boilerplate. Rapid. Effective. Simple.


Learn CQRS / EventSourcing basics with Event Engine in a step by step tutorial.




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